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  • Renne P.

    Very knowledgeable staff is always friendly and helpful! Have had several exceptional pointe shoe fittings with passionate and amazing staff who know what they are doing. Awesome selection of dancewear and shoes! My daughters and I always looking forward to going to Ballera for their dancewear needs.

  • Bennette K.

    Exceptional small business with friendly and professional staff. You get the personal touch that you would never get buying online. Would highly recommend for all ages and anyone interested in dance.

  • Janet S.

    Great selection of dance wear, shoes and accessories. They can also place orders. The prices are very competitive to buying online plus you get professional shoe fitting that you can’t get online. Staff is very knowledgeable, good service. Also in a good location. Easy to get to.


How do I properly wash my dancewear?

Often a tag can be located on the inside of the dancewear that will instruct you on how to properly launder the item. Most of the time garments made with tool will need to be handwashed. If your dancewear can be washed in a washing machine always air dry for best results and longevity of the item.

How long will my pointe shoes last?

This question is subjective and very much based on how often you dance in your shoes per week and if you are still growing. On average we expect pointe shoes to last from 6 months to a year. Shoe lifespan varies based on the individual dancer and could less or more than average. Dancer and teacher will know when new shoes are needed.

What's an appropriate ballet shoe for me?

We offer a variety of ballet shoes to insure we have shoes for dancers at all levels. We recommend a full sole shoe for beginner dancers and split sole shoes for more advanced dancers. Ballet shoes are made of two different materials, leather and canvas. We often recommend a beginner start with a leather shoe as they are more structured and can help them learn to work through their feet. Canvas shoes are recommended for more advanced dancers and have a less structured soft sock-like feel.

Why do I need to book a fitting for pointe shoes?

When it comes to pointe shoes our staff is well trained and instructed on how to professionally fit this kind of dance shoe. Due to the unique structure of pointe shoes, it is important that fitters are able to examine the feet to find the best possible fit. If it is the dancer's first pair of pointe shoes it is important they come in for a full and thorough fitting. It also creates great memories as you watch your dancer go up en pointe for their first time! After your first pair, we recommend the dancer still comes in for replacement fittings if they are still growing or unsure if they've found the perfect shoe for them. Once your dancer has found a shoe that works for them consistently, an in-store fitting is not necessarily required. If you are unsure if you need a fitting or not, you can call our store and speak with an associate.

Do I need to book a fitting for all dance shoes?

The only shoes that require a fitting are pointe shoes! Feel free to walk in anytime during our business hours to get fitted and try on our range of ballet, jazz, tap, character and lyrical shoes!

How do I know what size tights to purchase?

On the back of all the tights packages there will be a size chart! All size charts are done by height and weight. We always recommend that if you are between sizes to go with the bigger size to avoid snagging or ripping.

How should dancewear fit?

Dancewear commonly should fit on the tighter side. Leotards should fit like swimwear, snug to the body so everything stays in place while dancing!